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How ‘Rising Strong’ Taught Me 3 Important Life Lessons

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Remember that one horrible experience you went through in your life that simply knocked you out and you were unable to regain the strength to get back on your feet?

When life knocks you down, getting back up can sometimes feel like the hardest thing to do.

That’s where Brené Brown’s book Rising Strong comes into play.

It’s a profound guide that doesn’t just talk about resilience; it teaches you how to embody it.

My journey with Rising Strong has been transformational.

It has taught me three important lessons that have reshaped my approach to life’s ups and downs.

In this post, I want to share the three pivotal lessons I learned from Rising Strong.

These insights didn’t just help me stand up after a fall; they helped me rise with a new perspective and a stronger heart.

1. Reckoning: Walking into Our Story

The first step in Brené Brown’s Rising Strong process is known as reckoning.

This stage is all about diving deep into our emotions and fully acknowledging them.

Instead of brushing aside our pain or quickly covering up emotional wounds with superficial solutions, pause and really explore these feelings.

Reckoning requires us to pause and ask probing questions like, “How did I end up feeling this way?” or “What exactly am I feeling right now?”

This process isn’t about finding quick fixes; it’s about gaining a true understanding of our emotional state.

Initially, I was someone who’d mask discomfort with a smile or a dismissive joke.

I thought I was resilient, bouncing back quickly from setbacks.

However, Rising Strong taught me that true resilience comes from dealing with my emotions, not dodging them.

By reckoning with my feelings, I began to understand my reactions better, which allowed me to learn from them and, ultimately, transform them.

This isn’t just about getting back up after a tough time; it’s about learning and growing from what happened.

This strength helped me deal with future problems better.

I came out stronger and more prepared, which made me better at handling whatever came my way next.

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2. Rumble: Owning Our Story

The second lesson from Rising Strong revolves around the stories we tell ourselves.

We all create narratives in our heads about why things happen the way they do or why we act a certain way.

Rising Strong challenges you to rumble with those narratives.

It asks: Are these stories true? Are they full of self-doubt or self-criticism that hold you back?

This part of Rising Strong hit home for me.

I realized that I allowed people to blame me for anything and everything instead of holding themselves accountable for their actions and mistakes.

Through Rising Strong, I learned to dissect these narratives and confront the truths they concealed.

This not only helped me see where I was wrong but also where I was right and deserved more from myself or others.

Rumbling with our story is not always easy.

It involves facing some hard truths and admitting to ourselves that maybe the stories we’ve been believing about our failures aren’t completely accurate.

This part of the process can feel messy and uncomfortable, but it’s absolutely essential for real growth.

It’s all about digging deep to understand the reasons behind our setbacks.

Why did we fall? How did it happen?

What’s the real story here?

By getting to the bottom of these questions, we discover the true facts of our experiences.

This insight is what helps us learn and grow from our mistakes, rather than just moving past them.

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3. Revolution: Writing a New Ending

The last and most powerful lesson from Rising Strong is about totally changing your life.

After you’ve really felt your emotions and revisited the stories you tell yourself, it’s time to take what you’ve learned and make big changes.

This isn’t just about adjusting small things; it’s about completely transforming how you live every day, how you work, and how you relate to others.

Applying what I learned from Rising Strong encouraged me to take bold steps that I used to avoid.

For instance, it inspired me to pursue a career that really fits me, even though it was frightening to try something new.

It also taught me how crucial it is to set boundaries that protect my own peace and happiness.

Avoiding negative people, bullies, and racists really turned things around for me.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to walk away from places and people that tear you down mentally every day.

Moreover, it showed me the importance of forming relationships based on honesty and respect.

This was not just about making improvements—it was about making my life more authentic and fulfilling.

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Applying Rising Strong Principles to Everyday Life

Rising Strong isn’t just a bunch of theories; it’s like a Swiss Army knife for life’s bumps and bruises.

Here’s how you can really use these principles

Feel those feelings: Next time life trips you up, don’t just shrug it off. Pause and really dive into what you’re feeling. It’s like being your own emotional detective.

Challenge your own narratives. If you find yourself thinking, “I always mess up,” or “I can’t do anything right,” it’s time to rumble with those stories. Are they really true? Scrutinize that tale—are you really the villain, victim, or just very mistaken?

Learn and pivot: Each facepalm moment is a lesson in disguise. Figure out what went sideways and how you can avoid a repeat performance. Adapt and improve—it’s like leveling up in real life.

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Final Thoughts: Why Rising Strong Matters

It’s important to remember that rising strong isn’t just about getting back on your feet.

It’s about learning from the journey, embracing the struggles, and allowing them to forge you into a stronger, more insightful person.

Every challenge is an opportunity to reflect, learn, and ultimately, transform.

The process might be tough, the road might be rocky, but the strength you gain is invaluable.

Each step you take is a testament to your courage and your commitment to personal growth.

So, as you move forward, carry with you the lessons and the victories of each fall and rise.

Let them be your guideposts, your motivation to continue pushing boundaries and exceeding limits.

Remember, the true essence of rising strong lies not in never falling, but in how you choose to rise after the fall.

Stay inspired. Keep pushing. Rise stronger.

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