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5 Things I Want to Unlearn From My Father

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Everyone has a role model, right?

Well, like you, my father was a major one for me—right up there with my mother.

Even though I only got to spend seven years of my childhood with him before he passed away, he packed those years with more wisdom than a lifetime subscription to an advice column.

But today, I want to flip the script a bit and share the five things I want to unlearn from my father.

Don’t get me wrong—he was my north star, guiding me through life’s ups and downs.

However, as I grow older and (hopefully) wiser, I realize that some lessons need a bit of tweaking.

Unlearning these can lead to fresh perspectives and maybe even spark some changes in your life, too.

So, let’s dive into these pearls of “unwisdom” and see how we can turn them around for the better!

1. Work-Life Balance Does Not Exist

Born into a classic royal family, where everything was at my fingertips, life was as easy as pie.

What toddler wouldn’t love a house surrounded by a 2-mile pond? Yep, a pond!

It’s like living in my very own fairy tale, with blooming lotus (aka water lilies. Ah, that’s our logo!) and a resident frog orchestra.

My father worked like a machine from 8 AM to 9 PM daily, with no time for himself.

Being a physician is tough, no doubt about it.

But all work and no play doesn’t just make Jack a dull boy; it makes everyone a bit miserable.

This brings me to the first thing I want to unlearn from my father: having no work-life balance.

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Work-life balance isn’t just a buzzword for yoga moms and digital nomads—it’s crucial for everyone!

Imagine constantly grinding away without a break; it’s like running a marathon with no finish line.

Not fun, right? Everyone needs time to recharge, whether hanging out with family, playing sports, or simply zoning out with a good movie.

Balancing work and life helps people stay healthy and happy.

Stress from overworking can lead to burnout, affecting both physical and mental health.

Plus, having a life outside work makes you more interesting at parties—nobody wants to hear about spreadsheets all night!

Taking time to unwind boosts productivity and creativity.

When you’re well-rested and happy, you perform better at work and enjoy life more.

So, fellas, don’t forget to clock out, kick back, and enjoy the little things.

After all, a balanced life is a happy life!

Your job will still be there tomorrow, but today won’t wait!

2. Handling Finance Should Only Be A Man’s Job

Let’s debunk that old myth right now!

This brings me to the second thing I want to unlearn from my father: handling finance should only be a man’s job.

Money management isn’t about gender; it’s about skills, knowledge, and a bit of savvy.

Women balance household budgets, juggle expenses, and plan for the future every day—so why not the bigger financial picture, too?

Women bring a unique perspective to financial decisions, often focusing on long-term stability and careful planning.

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Plus, with more women in the workforce than ever before, it’s only natural they take the reins on financial matters.

Sharing financial responsibilities with your partner or women in your life also means more teamwork and less stress for everyone.

So, let’s ditch the outdated idea that money matters in a man’s domain.

It’s 2024, people—time to embrace equality in all areas, including finance.

After all, two heads (regardless of gender) are better than one regarding money!

3. Money is For Saving Accounts

Saving money under your mattress is so last century!

These days, it’s all about investing.

Why let your hard-earned cash gather dust when it can be out there working for you?

This brings me to the third thing I want to unlearn from my father: money is for the savings account.

Think of money like a superhero—it’s not meant to sit around in a savings account, doing nothing.

It’s meant to grow, multiply, and save the day!

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Investing your money means it has the potential to increase over time, thanks to the magic of compound interest.

Whether it’s stocks, bonds, or real estate, smart investments can lead to financial freedom.

Plus, watching your investments grow is way more exciting than watching your savings account collect pennies.

So, stop letting your money be a couch potato.

Give it a job to do!

With a little research and some smart choices, you can turn those idle dollars into a thriving portfolio.

Remember, money is meant to grow, not gather dust!

4. Buying A House is An Investement

The BIGGEST lesson I want to unlearn from my father is that buying a house is an investment.

Buying a house to live in?

Nice move, but let’s not call it an investment just yet.

Sure, owning a home sounds like a dream, but let’s not ignore the 25-year mortgage reality.

You’re locked into monthly payments that could rival the cost of a luxury car.

Miss a payment?

Oops, you’re suddenly on the edge of foreclosure, and your beloved home could vanish quicker than you can say “equity.”

Sure, it’s great to have a place to call your own, but that’s more about comfort than cash flow.

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Now, buying a house and renting it out?

That’s where the real investment magic happens!

Buying a house to live in is more about building a nest, not necessarily growing a golden egg.

It’s about stability and having a place to call your own.

But if you want your house to work for you, think of rental property.

Renting out a house means someone else helps pay down your mortgage while you build wealth.

Rent checks roll in, covering your mortgage and maybe even leaving you some extra cash.

So, if you’re looking to boost your financial game, think beyond just buying a home.

Become a landlord and watch your investment grow while someone else helps pay off your mortgage!

5. Writing A Will is Not For Me

Thinking, “Writing a will is not for me” like my father? Think again!

Life is short, and you never know what tomorrow holds.

Not having a will is like navigating a road trip without a GPS—potentially disastrous.

You might think wills are for the elderly or the super-wealthy, but the truth is everyone needs one.

Without a will, the state decides who gets what, and trust me; they might not follow your preferred script.

Imagine the chaos if your assets end up in legal limbo, leaving your loved ones to sort out the mess.

Writing a will ensures your wishes are honored, from who gets your prized comic book collection to who cares for your pet goldfish.

Moreover, writing a will isn’t just about distributing assets.

It’s also about making important decisions, like who will care for your minor children or how you want your end-of-life care handled.

These are critical considerations that can greatly impact your loved ones.

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Plus, it’s not as morbid as it sounds.

Consider it a thoughtful act of love for your family and friends, sparing them the headaches and heartaches of guessing what you wanted.

So, don’t wait. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit down, and start planning today.

Future you—and your loved ones—will thank you for it!

Final Thoughts On Want to Unlearn From My Father

So there you have it—5 things I want to unlearn from my father.

Don’t get me wrong, my dad was an incredible role model, and his lessons have shaped me in countless positive ways.

But as I grow older, I realize that unlearning some of these habits can lead to a fresher, more balanced perspective.

If you find yourself nodding along or even chuckling at some of these points, maybe it’s time to reflect on what you might need to unlearn, too.

After all, growth is about evolving, and sometimes, that means letting go of old lessons to make room for new ones.

So, here’s to unlearning, relearning, and finding a better balance in life.

Cheers to growth and to always striving for a better version of ourselves!

Now, go ahead and share your thoughts—what lessons are you ready to unlearn?

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